Saturday, January 28, 2012

The real blogspot account of Noemi Dado

Tim Cumper stole my name and used it to blog about me. The blog site is which is fake account.

Hence is my real blogger site.

Let it be know that Tim Cumper has been harassing me and my blogger friends since 2007.

Tim Cumper alias Ellumbra or otherwise known as Timothy Ellis Cumper or Grabbadabba via Twitter talks about me and other bloggers in a negative light, this is the story. Tim Cumper believes that he was scammed, fooled by Mayen, Tierra Maria Estates and a group of people since October 2007. It is almost 2 years after and he is in pursuit of bloggers who have written about this.

You can read more about him at

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  1. A case of the pot calling the kettle black?

    Just as a point of clarity - I must let it be known that this "stealing" of Noemi's name was a direct response to her facilitation & provision of the domain name "" - explicitly set up, with her full knowledge & support - to collect and disseminate hostile & defamatory material about Tim Cumper - whose affairs Noemi & her blogging colleagues had no first-hand knowledge whatsoever.
    However - this did not prevent their all-out attack on the author of the original story & their pretending the innocence of those parties incriminated in it.


  3. Let it also be known - that it was not until February 2nd 2008, when Noemi kindly published my letter on her website, that I first became acquainted with either Neomi Dado or any of her "blogger-friends" - it is this loose & flippant disregard for detail which allows contempt to slip under the radar.

  4. Let me see - how good at maths are you Noemi?

    From 2007 (as you stated) - to the date on this post, January 28th 2012 - "It is almost 2 years after . . ." ?

  5. Take the initiative - remove everything consequential to your involvement - take a leap of faith - see what happens.

    The ball is in your court - because you decided to play.